Year 2019 is the year overflowing with God’s Bless…

Team Elinor B Marcelino last Production Meeting fo…
January 2, 2020
Ended my Business Day with Prayer and Gratefulness…
January 2, 2020

Year 2019 is the year overflowing with God’s Blessings of Love, Faith, Generosity and Hard work for Team El Bonita Events. Thank you God for making us your instrument of Abundance and Success in HUMILITY, you have Blessed us overwhelmingly with endurance, HEALTH , safety, security, team work and above all Selfless SERVICE to many – Clients, Stakeholders, Suppliers, Charities, Friends(Old and New), Employees and their Families to name a few. We are deeply grateful for all the SUCCESSFUL events(Big, Small, Grand, Simple, Trials and Challenged filled ones ) that we have mounted this year. Wonderful Events that bring forth not only the celebration of beauty, of life, of aesthetics but of multitude level that brings Joy, unfold laughter and sharing the value of FAMILY LOVE – GOD’s LOVE through EVENTS. That is the thrust belief, the true value and essence that El Bonita Events is living for .

Rest assured we will continue to Make Your Special Events Even More Special, because with El Bonita Events “ We Create and Innovate, YOU CELEBRATE “

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“ We Cater Events Nationwide “
To God Be the Glory!
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